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Jen Psaki Just Shredded Mitch McConnell’s Voting Rights Hypocrisy

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to Mitch McConnell calling the push for voting rights hysteria by using his own words against him.

Video of Psaki:

Psaki said in response to McConnell, “It is pretty ironic if making it more difficult to vote is not silencing the voices of people, words that Sen. McConnell used, then I don’t know what is. I also think it is important to note here if you look back at Sen. McConnell’s record, he has a pretty strong record of supporting voting rights.”

Psaki used McConnell’s quotes supporting voting rights against him, including reading from his memoir.

The Press Secretary concluded, “I use those examples to remind people that this should not be a partisan issue protecting people’s fundamental voting rights, that people should be protecting them and standing up for Americans of all political stripes. That is what we are working to do.”

Mitch McConnell was wrong. The push for voting rights is not hysteria. It is a response to the old white male-dominated Republican Party trying to stay in power by essentially rigging the electorate by making it more difficult for anyone who is not one of them to vote.

Jen Psaki is an effective White House Press Secretary because she isn’t afraid to be direct with facts or to flip the script on Republicans.

Psaki called out McConnell’s hypocrisy, and it would be nice for reporters to grill McConnell on why his position has changed drastically.



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