Trump Finally Gets Pressed By A Journalist And He Runs Away From NPR

Trump finally got pressed by an objective journalist, and he responded by running away from NPR.

Trump Runs Away From NPR Interview When Asked About 2020 Election Lies

Listen to the interview:

Here is how NPR described the interview:

The interview was six years in the making. Trump and his team have repeatedly declined interviews with NPR until Tuesday, when he called in from his home in Florida. It was scheduled for 15 minutes, but lasted just over nine.

After being pressed about his repeated lies about the 2020 presidential election, Trump abruptly ended the interview.


The tone of the interview changed. Trump then hurried off the phone as he was starting to be asked about the attack on the Capitol, inspired by election lies.

It Took Six Years But A Journalist Finally Pressed Donald Trump

Trump has not been pressed like Steve Inskeep pressed him during his entire political career. Trump was live on the air, and he couldn’t back away or ask for the interview to be stopped. Trump has stormed off of taped interviews before, but usually, his live appearances are saved for the friendly realm of Fox and Friends.

When Trump was confronted in real-time with his lies, he couldn’t handle reality and ran away.

The NPR interview showed why Trump sticks to conservative media and only deals with mainstream media outlets in venues where he can control the setting and who gets to question him.

Trump is leading the Republican Party to its doom. A sensible party would be deeply troubled and committed to stopping his return to power after the NPR interview, but Republicans appear to be embracing their impending demise with the giddiness of a doomsday cult.