Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Steal Credit From Biden For The Economy

Donald Trump Jr. claimed that all Biden had to do was continue to follow his dad’s economic policies that drove the economy into a recession.

Video of Donald Trump Jr.:

Donald Trump Jr. said on Hannity, “All Joe Biden had to do was nothing. He could have sat back, rode the coattails of my father’s economy, of his international policies, of Middle East peace, of jobs, of American prosperity, of energy independence, and everything that was achieved. Instead, they spent five years trying to destroy him.”


Donald Trump Destroyed The Economy In His Last Year In Office

Economists were warning that the Trump economy was heading for a recession in 2019.

Trump’s response to COVID took a recession and turned it into a near depression. 

Donald Trump Jr. was trying to pretend like the last year and half of the Trump presidency never happened.

Joe Biden got the economy rolling again with the mass vaccination program and two major infusions of federal funds. If Biden followed Trump’s plan, the US would not be the best-positioned economic power in the world.


Donald Trump Jr. was trying to steal credit from Joe Biden for the economy.

Former President Trump intends to run on a fantasy that everything was great when he was president. They hope that America forgets the whole nuking of the economy and COVID part of the Trump presidency.

It isn’t going to work.

Donald Trump is now a loser. He is damaged goods, and most Americans have a visceral adverse reaction to the mention of his name.

Donald Trump Jr. tried to steal the credit, but Americans will never forget the damage that the Trump family caused.


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