Joe Biden

Biden Gives The Media A Massive Reality Check During News Conference

President Biden delivered a reality check to mainstream media as they asked him if he should scale down his priorities.

Video of Biden:

Biden was asked if he should be more realistic and scale down his priorities, and he answered:

No. I don’t think so. When you say more realistic, I think it is extremely realistic to say to people because — let me back up. You all really know the politics this country, and your networks and others. You spend a lot of time — which I am glad you do, polling this 

data, determining what the American people’s attitudes are, et cetera. The American people overwhelmingly agree with me on prescription drugs. They overwhelmingly agree with me on the cost of education. They overwhelmingly agree with me on early edition. Overwhelmingly — I can go down the list — on child care. 

We just have to make the case of what we are for and what the other team is not for. Look, we knew all along that a lot of this was going to be an uphill fight. One of the ways to do this is to make sure we make the contrast as clear as we can. And one of the things that I think is — we are going to have to do is just make the case. I don’t think there is anything unrealistic about what we are asking. I am not asking for castles in the sky. I am asking for practical things that the American people have been asking for for a long time amount of long time. I think we can get it done. 

Biden Destroyed The Mainstream Media Generated Myth About His First Year

An argument could be credibly made that President Biden has accomplished more in his first year than other President in modern history. Some will suggest that Obama did more, but Biden has more major legislative accomplishments than Obama in his first year. (The Affordable Care Act was technically passed and signed into law early in Obama’s second year).

Biden has had one of the most productive first years in presidential history, so it is absurd and reeks of the corporate media’s bias toward Republicans that they suggest that the President be “realistic” and scale back his priorities.


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