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It All Comes Crashing Down As NY Attorney General Finds Significant Evidence Of Trump Family Fraud

New York Attorney General Letitia James said that she has uncovered significant evidence of Trump family fraud and is moving to force them to testify.

New York Attorney General Uncovers Evidence Of Trump Family Fraud

James tweeted:

The Trump Organization’s Business Is Fraud

The majority of Americans have been waiting for years for a prosecutor to finally get enough evidence of criminal activity by the Trump family. Notice that the fraud, just like the 1/6 coup plot, is not limited to the former president. It also involves his adult children, who are executives at the Trump Organization.

The New York state investigation is civil in nature, so no criminal charges can come directly from this probe. However, the uncovered evidence could be used in a criminal investigation of Donald Trump and his kids.

The Trumps are going to try to sell this as the AG being out to get them, but the state of New York has been looking at the activities of the Trump Organization for years. New York’s interest in the Trump Organization predates Donald Trump’s political career.

Donald Trump and his kids are in real trouble, as it appears that New York has gotten the investigative ball rolling, and other states and cities where the Trumps do business will likely launch their investigations into Trump organization fraud.

The Trump family is proving itself to be the crime family that many thought they were, and without the presidency to use as a shield, justice is marching toward Donald Trump.

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