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DOJ Arrests Trump Supporter Who Threatened To Kill Election Officials

A Texas man has been arrested for threatening to kill election officials the day before Trump’s coup attempt on 1/6.

Trump Supporter Arrested For Threatening To Kill Election Officials

CNBC reported:

The case against 54-year-old Chad Stark of Leander, Texas, is the first criminal prosecution filed by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Election Threats Task Force, which was formed last June on the heels of widespread baseless claims by Trump and his allies of election fraud.


Stark is accused of posting a message on Craigslist on Jan. 5, 2021, with the subject: “Georgia Patriots it’s time to kill [Official A] the Chinese agent – $10,000.”

Stark posted two other messages on 1/5 calling for the murder of election officials.

Texas Man Was Radicalized To Call For Violence Against Election Officials By Trump

Chad Stark didn’t pull his calls for election violence out of thin air. He represents a group of Americans radicalized by Donald Trump’s big lie that the election was stolen from him.


.The failed former president got people killed on 1/6 at the Capitol, and the arrest of Stark demonstrates that the violence could have been even worse.

Donald Trump must be held accountable for what he inspired and incited.

Chad Stark is likely going to prison for a long time, but the man who radicalized him

and so many other Americans must also face punishment for what he has done and continues to do.

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