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Jim Acosta Tells Ron DeSantis To Send His Election Police Force Over To Mar-a-Lago

CNN’s Jim Acosta told Ron DeSantis to send his election police force over to Mar-a-Lago to ask about an attempted coup.

Video of Acosta:

Acosta said, “If Ron DeSantis wants to put

that election police force to good use, he might consider sending them over to Mar-a-Lago. You know, just ask a few questions about an attempted coup. Yes, officer Ron, I’d like to report an insurrection, the one on January 6th. But all of this is why the various investigations into Trump’s actions leading up to and during the January 6th attack on the Capitol are so monumentally important right now. “

If Ron DeSantis was serious about election security, he would investigate all of the mounting cases of voter fraud committed by Trump supporters in Florida. Instead, he seems much more interested in forming a brown shirt force to intimidate non-white voters.


No state in America needs an election police force. What the nation needs is federal law enforcement to arrest those who participated in the greatest plot against the United States government since the Civil War.

The first law enforcement knock on the door should be at Mar-a-Lago.


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