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Trump Is So Screwed That His Lawyer Went On Fox To Defend Deutsche Bank

Trump is in so much trouble that his lawyer was reduced to going on Fox News to defend the integrity of Deutsche Bank.

Video of Trump’s lawyer on Hannity:

Trump lawyer Alina Habba said, “Valuations of real estate property, valuations of any property are really subjective. Lenders that we’re talking about are institutional sophisticated lenders. If you think the Deutsche Banks of the world lend money to anyone without doing their own process and tools and valuation of the assets from the ground up, which is incredibly subjective, then you’re doubting a lot of the banks and people that would work with the Trump organization or the Trump family.”

Trump’s legal strategy in the New York state investigation appears to be to suggest that Deutsche Bank, which has been fined massive amounts of money for Russian money laundering, is a high integrity organization, but valuations really don’t matter because they are subjective, so let’s shrug and agree that no one knows the actual value of real estate assets.

Legally, Trump can not make up his valuations as the situation dictates. It is a crime to overvalue assets when trying to borrow money and undervalue assets for tax purposes.

Defending the integrity of Deutsche Bank is a desperate move of a former president who has no defense for his criminal financial activity.

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