Donald Trump Jr. Is Cracking Under The Pressure As He Uncorks Slurred Speech Biden Rant

Donald Trump Jr. was unable to look at the camera and slurred his speech while trying to rant about President Biden.

Video of Donald Trump Jr.:

(Note: There is no evidence that Donald Trump Jr. is on drugs, as the description in the video claims).

Donald Trump Jr. said through slurred speech, “Joe Biden is what stands between us and a nuclear-capable China. Joe Biden is the guy they’re going to call at 3 in the morning if there’s a serious crisis with Russia.”

The Pressure Is Getting To Donald Trump jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is a person of interest in multiple fraud investigations of the Trump Organization and the 1/6 Committee. Any speculation that Donald Trump Jr. is on drugs lacks evidence and is of no interest.

However, the behavior of the Trump family with daddy failed president, and golden child Ivanka Trump, both under increased scrutiny from investigators in multiple states, indicates a family that has gotten away with everything for years but is increasingly finding itself with nowhere left to run.

The Republican Party and politics are all that the Trumps have left. Popular support from the right is not as effective of a shield from criminal prosecution as the presidency, which is why Donald Trump is desperate to get back to the White House.

The Trump tower of cards is collapsing, and the Trump kids aren’t dealing well with the pressure.