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Trump’s Troubles Grow As Special Grand Jury Approved In Georgia Election Fraud Case

Fulton County Superior Court Judges have approved a special grand jury to investigate Trump’s potential election crimes in Georgia.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

Chief Judge Christopher S. Brasher wrote that a majority of the judges on the bench had agreed to the request issued by Willis’ office late last week.

The special grand jury will be impaneled on May 2 and can continue for a period “not to exceed 12 months,” Brasher wrote in an order.

“The special purpose grand jury shall be authorized to investigate any and all facts and circumstances relating directly or indirectly to alleged violations of the laws of the State of Georgia,” Brasher stated.

The Special Grand Jury Is An Escalation Of The Criminal Investigation Into Trump Election Fraud

The special grand jury can’t criminally indicate Trump and his potential accomplices in his bid to overturn the election in Georgia, but the special grand jury does have subpoena power and the ability to collect documents and evidence. 

The investigation in Fulton County, Georgia, is the only publicly known criminal investigation into potential Trump 2020 election crimes.


The 1/6 Committee is investigating the attack on democracy and the far-reaching plot to overturn the 2020 election by many people within the Republican Party.

The Georgia investigation is specifically about Trump’s personal effort to pressure Georgia election officials to “find” the votes that he would need to beat Joe Biden in the state.

Trump is in legitimate criminal jeopardy in Georgia along with Rudy Giuliani and Lindsey Graham. Trump is caught on tape violating Georgia law, and for those who want to see Trump prosecuted for 2020 election crimes, Fulton County is well worth watching.


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