Jen Psaki Calls Ron DeSantis Crazy For Fighting To Use COVID Treatments That Don’t Work

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called Gov. Ron DeSantis fighting to use monoclonal antibody treatments that FDA said don’t work crazy.

Jen Psaki Calls Ron DeSantis Sticking With COVID Therapies That Don’t Work Crazy


Psaki said in response to DeSantis fighting to use treatments for omicron that don’t work:

 Let’s just take a step back to realize how crazy this is a little bit. We have approached covid treatments, like filling a medicine cabinet, we are not relying on one type, brand, treatment, we invest in and continue to buy a variety across monoclonal antibodies, preexposure prevention therapies, and oral antivirals.

We have provided 71,000 doses of antivirals to Florida, including 34,000 additional treatments that do work against omicron just last week. A range of those treatments, I should say, to be clear. What the FDA is making clear is that these treatments, the ones they are fighting over, that the governor’s fighting over, do not work against omicron and they do have side effects. That is what the scientists are saying. 

We have sent them 71,000 doses of treatments that are effective against omicron and are effective also against delta. They are still advocating for treatments that don’t work. We have seen, unfortunately, from the beginning in our pandemic response a range of steps or pushes that have been made through social media platforms, unfortunately from the mouths of elected officials, and the advocacy for things that don’t work when we know things to work. Promoting pseudoscience, sowing doubt on vaccines and boosters, and now promoting treatments that don’t work.

We know it works. Vaccines and boosters work. We have a range of doses and treatments that do work, and we are providing those to Florida. 

The People Of Florida Will Pay For Ron DeSantis’s Insanity

Ron DeSantis isn’t going to personally pay for his decision to fight for omicron treatments that don’t work. The people of Florida who get COVID and rely on one of these treatments will pay with their lives.

The craziness that DeSantis is exhibiting is a natural extension of extremely partisan politics. Ron DeSantis isn’t listening to scientists. He is building a resume for a 2024 presidential campaign, and if that means killing lots of people who he is responsible for in Florida, so be it.