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March For Our Lives Calls On Biden To Pick A SCOTUS Nominee Who Supports Our Right Not To Be Shot

March For Our Lives is calling on President Biden to pick a Supreme Court nominee who supports the right of innocent Americans not to be shot.

Biden Urged To Pick A SCOTUS Nominee That Will Stand With Victims Of Gun Violence

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, March For Our Lives said about the upcoming Supreme Court vacancy, “The President has a sacred obligation to the American people—to defend our constitutional rights and pursue our best interests. We hope and expect that the President will nominate a Justice who will protect and support our inalienable right to life, and our right not to be shot. We will not settle for less.”


The American People Have A Right Not To Be Shot

It is a simple concept. If people have the right to own guns, they also have a right not to be shot when they are going to work, school, church, synagogue, the movies, the grocery store, or trying to live their daily lives.

Each of the places that were listed above has been a general location for a deadly mass shooting.


The American people don’t have to live with the constant fear of their kids getting shot when they send them to school or mom or dad losing their lives at work.

There will be no legislative solution in Congress to gun violence until the Senate changes the filibuster, but while the nation waits for Democrats to build a majority that will do the right thing, President Biden can take a big first step by choosing a SCOTUS nominee who wants to prevent gun violence and make safety the law of the land.


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