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Meet Ketanji Brown Jackson The Leading Contender To Be Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson became the first black woman to serve on the federal appeals court in ten years. She is now the leading contender to be President Biden’s SCOTUS nominee.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Is The Leading Contender To Be Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee

Analysis of Judge Brown Jackson as a potential Biden SCOTUS nominee from MSNBC:

Judge Jackson’s name might be familiar to those who remember her shattering Trump and Don McGhan’s attempts to hide information from Congress.

President Biden nominated Jackson in June of 2021 for a vacancy on the D.C. appellate court. She was confirmed 53-44, with Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins voting to confirm her.


Ketanji Brown Jackson Praised For Being A Brilliant And Fair Judge

Judge Jackson has drawn praise from The Leadership Conference On Civil And Human Rights for her commitment to defending the rights of every individual, “In our pursuit to hold the judiciary to the highest standards as we strive toward ‘equal justice under law,’ Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s elevation to the D.C. Circuit is an important step. Judge Jackson possesses an exemplary record of defending the rights of every individual from her time as a public defender to her years of service as a district court judge.”

People For The American Way praised Jackson’s confirmation to the D.C. court, “Ketanji Brown Jackson embodies the values and experience that make an outstanding federal judge. She is brilliant, fair, and seasoned. Her past work as a public defender makes her keenly aware of the realities of our justice system for millions of Americans who are not wealthy or privileged. Judge Jackson

will be a judge who will ensure the rights of all are defended and upheld. We congratulate her on her confirmation and look forward to seeing her take her seat on the D.C. circuit court.”

President Biden Would Be Wise To Nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

If Jackson is the nominee, it would be difficult for all three Senate Republicans who voted to confirm her less than a year ago to vote against her for the Supreme Court.

President Biden committed to putting a black woman on the Supreme Court, and he has a nominee that would be a fantastic choice without factoring in Biden’s campaign promise.

Former President Obama considered nominating Jackson to the Supreme Court in 2016.


Judge Jackson appears to be the ideal candidate for Biden to nominate and the Senate to confirm in 2022.



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