Thanks To Mitch McConnell, Republicans Can’t Stop Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee would get a prompt hearing in the Senate.

Majority Leader Schumer said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

For virtually his entire adult life, including a quarter century on the U.S. Supreme Court, Stephen Breyer has served his country with the highest possible distinction. He is, and always has been, a model jurist. He embodies the best qualities and highest ideals of American justice:  knowledge, wisdom, fairness, humility, restraint. His work and his decisions as an Associate Justice on the biggest issues of our time – including voting rights, the environment, women’s reproductive freedom, and most recently, health care and the Affordable Care Act – were hugely consequential. America owes Justice Breyer an enormous debt of gratitude.

President Biden’s nominee will receive a prompt hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and will be considered and confirmed by the full United States Senate with all deliberate speed.

Mitch McConnell Changed The Rules, So Republicans Can’t Block Biden’s Nominee

Mitch McConnell changed the Senate filibuster rules for Supreme Court nominees in 2017 so that Trump’s nominees could not be stopped. President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee will be confirmed with a simple majority. With Vice President Harris able to break a tie, it is a certainty that Biden’s nominee will be confirmed.

Democrats aren’t going to waste time.

They are going to get Biden’s nominee a full confirmation hearing in the Senate and confirmed to the highest court in the land in short order.

Thanks to Mitch McConnell, Republicans are powerless to stop Biden’s first Supreme Court nominee from being confirmed.