Putin Propagandist Tucker Carlson Has His Viewers Demanding That Congress Support Putin

If Tucker Carlson was asked to prove that he was a Russian asset – openly, perhaps if Russia had run a commercial on Fox News requesting that Tucker Carlson act as Russia’s spokesperson to the American people, he could hardly have been more efficient.

Over the last week, Tucker has questioned whether anyone on earth could name one reason for NATO to still exist:

The very next night, Tucker tried to pin responsibility for the situation in Ukraine on the United States:

Tucker has even been featured on Russian state television:

So it should come as no surprise at all that Tucker’s New Jersey viewers would be upset that their Congressman would be blaming Russia of all countries and not blaming the U.S. and Ukraine, the people pushing a possible war, according to Tucker.

From Mediate:

Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) tweeted on Monday afternoon that his office has been receiving phone calls from viewers of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show asking why the United States is not siding with Russia.

Russia has amassed its military near Ukraine’s eastern border, raising fears that an invasion is imminent. Politicians and pundits have offered increasingly hawkish rhetoric, and have urged the Biden administration to take a hard line on Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Carlson has been a notable exception. He has regularly warned against U.S. involvement on the grounds that Ukraine’s sovereignty is not a vital U.S. national security interest.

It has all led the net to conclude one of two things; If you are a Tucker/MAGA leaning voter, you cannot figure out why one wouldn’t be blaming the United States and Ukraine, whereas if you have watched actual news in the last ten years you understand Putin’s expansionist plans, hatred of NATO, and fear of a functioning democracy right on his border.

After all, what would stop Russians from crushing a democracy right beside their border when they sure seem to have done a lot to crush one overseas, halfway around the world. Additionally, why would the United States be offended by a one-party minority party led by a strongman when that is their dream for the United States?

Tucker sure seems to have picked his side, presuming he was free to pick a side.