Jen Psaki Just Schooled SCOTUS Hypocrite Ted Cruz

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki used Ted Cruz’s comments during Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing to turn the tables on his criticism of Biden’s pledge to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court.

Video of Psaki:

Psaki said in response to Ted Cruz claiming that Biden’s pledge to nominate a black woman is an insult to black women:

Just over a year ago, the previous president promised to select a woman for the Supreme Court. Not only were there no complaints about choosing a nominee from a specific demographic from the same corners but there was widespread praise now of Justice Barrett’s on those grounds. With Republican lawmakers widely highlighting that they thought this was positive for women in America. 

Take Senator Cruz himself. He had no objection to Donald Trump promising he would nominate a woman in 2020. Repeat, no objections at all, in fact, he praised her on these grounds. As a nominee during her confirmation hearing, Senator Cruz said I think you are an amazing role model for little girls. What advice would you give little girls?

When Present Reagan honored his campaign pledge to place the first woman on the court he said it symbolize the unique American opportunity. There is no outcry around that. the president’s view is that after 230 years of the Supreme Court’s being in existence the fact that not a single black woman has served on the Supreme Court is a failure in the process, not a failure or a lack of qualified black women to serve as Supreme Court justices

Ted Cruz has no basis or merit for his criticism. His claim that pledging to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court is insulting to black women is laughably absurd.

Cruz is a hypocrite, and he got schooled by Jen Psaki. The White House shows that Republicans have no basis for their criticisms. The GOP is trying to play to its scared white voters, and thinks saying no is good politics.