Jen Psaki Calls Out Marco Rubio And Ron DeSantis Opposing Infrastructure But Wanting More Cash

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio for whining about not getting enough infrastructure money while opposing the bill.


Psaki responded to complaints from DeSantis and Rubio that Florida did not get enough infrastructure money:

 That’s pretty rich, isn’t it? I would say, first, the Everglades funding, I don’t have it in front of me, but I think it’s in the billions if I’m correct you may have the exact number. Okay. There was also an enormous — I mentioned this a little bit yesterday — 90% of the competitive funding that’s available will go to localities, territories, others who can apply for it. That’s why we put out this big book just a few days ago.

 So people who know the criteria where they can apply for that funding, you know, I think when Mitch Landrieu was here, I think he quoted Nancy Pelosi. Now I can’t even remember it. Point is, even if you vote against it, you still want the money. We’ve seen that over the course of time. That’s just how political these votes were given this is funding that will help rebuild a lot of these communities, the president will certainly make it clear who was with him and who wasn’t with him.

Republicans Oppose Infrastructure But Take The Cash

Republicans voted against or opposed the infrastructure bill, but now that the money is arriving in states and localities, Republicans are lining up with their hands out and ready to take the credit for infrastructure projects.

In Congress, what Republicans are doing is called voting no and taking the dough.

The GOP hopes that voters aren’t smart enough to place the credit where it really belongs, but the Biden administration will do everything in its power to tell voters the truth.