Sen. Ben Ray Lujan To Be Back In The Senate For Biden SCOTUS Nominee Vote

Sen. Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) will be back in the Senate in 4-6 weeks, which means that all 50 Democrats will be in the chamber to confirm Biden’s Supreme Court nominee.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted:

If the Senator’s recovery continues as it has been reportedly progressing so far, he should be able to return to the Senate by mid-March, which would give Democrats plenty of time to get President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee confirmed.

With Sen. Lujan recuperating, the Senate will not be passing any legislation that does not have strong bipartisan appeal. Legislation to boost American competitiveness and address some shortages is very popular in the Senate, so something could be done in that area, but one should expect most of the next six weeks to go toward the confirmation process for President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee.

Here is hoping for a full and speedy recovery for Sen. Lujan, as Democrats could have all of their caucus back in the Senate in weeks.