Sen. Mike Lee Could Be In Trouble In Utah As Evan McMullin Out Fundraises Him

A red flag in the Utah Senate race, as Republican incumbent Mike Lee raised less money than Independent challenger Evan McMullin.

Evan McMullin Raises More Money Than Sen. Mike Lee

The Salt Lake Tribune reported:

In his first fundraising report since launching his run for U.S. Senate as an independent candidate, McMullin tallied $1,032,983 in donations. Lee reported $523,142. But, Lee has more than $2.16 million in cash reserves to McMullin’s $702,745.


McMullin tallied more than 800 individual donations worth $794,245 for an average donation of about $970. Just under half (47%) of McMullin’s donors were from Utah, while another $238,737 in contributions were below the federal reporting threshold.

More than 1,200 individual donations poured into Lee’s campaign for nearly $370,000, but there’s a catch. Just $257,887 of Lee’s contributions can be used in the run-up to the GOP convention on April 30.

Is Mike Lee Vulnerable To An Upset In The 2022 Election?

Mike Lee’s overall approval rating split is just 42%-38%, according to the most recent polling. However, he does hold a 74% approval rating with Utah voters who consider themselves very conservative.

Sen. Lee has to hope that the candidates running against him cancel each other, and he holds his very conservative base.

Strange things can happen when a viable Independent enters an election.

Evan McMullin made a credible showing as an Independent presidential candidate against Trump in Utah in 2020, but he is largely unknown to voters in the state,

It is a race worth watching, as Sen. Lee is vulnerable to a challenge, and McMullin has shown an ability to raise money from voters in Utah.

Few red states appear to be as viscerally repulsed by Trump as Utah. The former president would hinder the incumbent in his reelection campaign.

In a year where there could be several close Senate races, the situation in Utah could add a bit of under-the-radar intrigue.