Ali Velshi Skewers RNC For Labeling Plot To Kill Pence Legitimate Political Discourse

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi noted that according to the RNC, plotting to kill the vice president is legitimate political discourse.

Video of Velshi:

Velshi said on MSNBC, “According to the RNC, legitimate political discourse now includes publicly chanting a desire to hang the former vice president Mike Pence. It also includes bringing a pre-constructed gallows along. I’ve never seen a gallows in my life, not in America. The RNC believes that legitimate political discourse results in the vice president being ushered away as you see here under guard for fear of his life.”

The RNC Considers Hanging Mike Pence Legitimate Political Discourse

The RNC is so busy catering to Donald Trump[ while paying his personal legal bills, that they didn’t consider or care about the implications of calling an attack on democracy where five police officers were killed, and the life of the vice president was threatened legitimate political discourse.

The Republican Party is broadcasting its anti-democracy authoritarianism for the entire nation to see,

The RNC isn’t coating their desire to shatter democracy in flowery terms or making it sound like anything else than what it is.

If a Republican vice president and congressional leadership needed to die to keep Donald Trump in power, that is fine with them.

The RNC has given its blessing to political murder and has outed itself as a threat to democracy that no amount of flag-waving or playing Lee Greenwood songs at rallies can hide.

The RNC thinks killing Mike Pence is legitimate political discourse
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