Coward Marco Rubio Refuses To Say That Trump’s Coup Was Wrong

Sen. Marco Rubio was asked numerous times if he agreed with Mike Pence’s repudiation of Trump’s coup, and he refused to answer.

Marco Rubio Refuses To Reject Trump’s Coup

Video of Rubio:

Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: We begin with Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio. He is in Miami. Senator, we invited you to come on the show to talk about China. I want to get there, but I have to start here. Do you agree with Mike Pence?

SENATOR MARCO RUBIO: Well, if President Trump runs for re-election, I believe he would defeat Joe Biden, and I don’t want Kamala Harris to have the power as vice president to overturn that election, and I don’t- that’s the same thing that I concluded back in January of 2021. You know, when that issue was raised, I looked at it, had analyzed it and came to the same conclusion that vice presidents can’t simply decide not to certify an election.

MARGARET BRENNAN:  So Donald Trump was wrong?

SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Well, as I said, I just don’t think a vice president has that power because if the vice president has that power, Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden in four years or two years, and then Kamala Harris can decide not- to overturn the election. I don’t want to wind up there.

Marco Rubio Refuses To Stand Up To Donald Trump

Marco Rubio is up for reelection in 2022, and he is facing what could be the most difficult reelection challenge in his career in Rep. Val Demmings, so the usually spineless Sen. Rubio is even more wishy-washy.

Rubio didn’t have the courage to admit that he agrees with Trump’s coup.

Democracy is under assault from his own party, and Marco Rubio is ducking and dodging questions.

When the history of this moment is written, people like Marco Rubio who refused to take a stand deserve the harsh view that they will receive.

There is no need to wait for historians to judge. The American people can render their verdict by making Marco Rubio a former senator on election day.