Trump Urges His Supporters to Boycott DirecTV If They Drop OAN

Former President Donald Trump urged his supporters to boycott the digital satellite service DirecTV amid reports of the company’s plans to drop the far-right One America News (OAN), which typically features coverage favorable to him and the Trump administration and has been known to traffic in conspiracy theories. Trump suggested the news would lead to OAN’s voice being “shuttered.”

“If AT&T/DirecTV cancels OAN, I hope that everyone will boycott and cancel DirecTV,” Trump said in a statement. “It is a very popular channel, far more popular than most would understand, and they are being treated horribly by the Radical Left lunatics running the networks.”

“Don’t let it happen, cancel DirecTV,” he added. “If you feel infringed by what this Communist movement is doing, cancel DirecTV!”

An e-mail sent over the weekend to his supporters reiterated Trump’s claims that the companies were “radical left lunatics.”

“I’m calling on all Conservatives to steer clear of DirecTV, and while you’re at it, the same goes for ‘Concast’s’ Xfinity as well,” the email reads.

Republican-backed PACs are currently circulating a petition to get signatures “from patriots who are committing not to use DirecTV again.”

DirecTV, which has about 15 million subscribers, announced it would drop OAN last month but did not offer precise reasons for the move.

“We informed Herring Networks that, following a routine internal review, we do not plan to enter into a new contract when our current agreement expires,” a spokesman for DirecTV said at the time.