Pelosi Tells Kevin McCarthy That He Can Run But He Can’t Hide From 1/6

Speaker Pelosi had a message for Kevin McCarthy that he can run, but he can’t hide from the 1/6 attack.

Video of Speaker Pelosi at her weekly press conference:

Speaker Pelosi said, “The Republican leader of the House ran, actually literally, refused to condemn that resolution of legitimate political discourse… Republicans can run, but they cannot hide from what happened on January 6th. “

Pelosi was referring to Kevin McCarthy literally breaking into a sprint and running down the hallway to get away from a reporter who tried to ask him about the RNC, claiming that the 1/6 attack was legitimate political discourse.

Rep. Pelosi was correct. McCarthy can’t hide from the details and questions about the 1/6 attack.

The bravado and anticipation of a big midterm election victory is evaporating from McCarthy. He used to mention his projection of a 2010 style red wave in the midterms, now McCarthy is running down hallways to dodge questions from reporters\\

As more details emerge about the events surrounding the 1/6 attack, divisions are growing within the Republican Party as the possibility grows that McCarthy may have screwed himself out of the majority by hitching his wagon to a seditionist horse.

Nancy Pelosi at press conference
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