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Former White House Communications Director Details Trump’s Paranoia

Why would the most powerful man on Earth spend his four years as the “most powerful man on Earth” scared and paranoid? He had half the country willing to crawl on their knees for him, why didn’t he trust anybody? If these questions were asked of any normal American (with some degree of power) the answer would be that the person suffered some degree of mental illness or had very serious issues in the past and disclosure would ruin him.

Of course, those answers are not mutually exclusive and there is the old line; “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t watching you.”

It sounds like Trump might fit that description, or at least he certainly acted as though he had a lot to hide and didn’t trust anyone with the information. According to Stephanie Grisham, former White House Communications Director under Trump, who appeared on CNN”s New Day this morning, Brianna Keilar asked if Grisham thought Trump’s penchant for ripping things up was just a nervous tic or what:

“I don’t know the answer to that to be honest with you. I always thought it was a nervous tic. It was — he always tore everything up.

I saw him put some of the torn up pieces inside his jacket pocket and I thought, huh, wonder why that’s going in his pocket rather than on the floor? There weren’t alarm bells for me at the time because I was so used to seeing it. but I distinctly remember wondering why they went in his pocket? Maybe to be flushed in a toilet later.”

This stretches credibility well beyond the breaking point. It would seem that it wouldn’t matter how many times one sees it, if a man normally tears things up and throws them on the floor (like a three-year-old or a puppy) puts a few select things in his pocket, there is a reason. Come on.

Grisham did directly accuse Trump of being “paranoid” and then said: “You know, he didn’t trust anybody. He didn’t trust the people around him. He didn’t trust the people who were around him the most. There were just times when he would want to do things alone.”

Things like call Vladimir Putin? MBS? The Russian embassy? These are actually serious questions because it is possible. We know the Russians went through a LOT of trouble to get him elected. That is a huge risk. There must have been a reason. It is not out of bounds to ask if Trump was communicating with some of these people.

“I saw him meet with Rudy Giuliani before in a room with literally nobody else in there — he was just a paranoid man. And for me, he was always that way. So it didn’t set alarm bells off. Now that I have kind of stepped back and taken a break from this cult-like atmosphere, I’m seeing how crazy and strange it all was.”

Sorry, Stephanie. You are a grown woman sufficiently qualified to be given a significant role in the campaign and be entrusted with the job of White House Communications Director. We aren’t buying it. You have enough real-world experience to know that none of that was “normal” from any executive.

Not a single person reading this article has any love lost for Rex Tillerson. But Tillerson ran a small nation unto itself, Exxon, and we’re willing to bet that Tillerson acted the part, all the time, and the difference was night and day.

It is far more likely she knew the truth all along but is willing to discuss it now, with her book out and a Select Committee on the hunt.

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