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Sarah Palin loses libel lawsuit against NYT

Sarah Palin Crushed As Judge Tosses Libel Lawsuit Against NYT

Sarah Palin’s latest attempt to vault herself back into prominence ended in humiliation as the judge will toss her libel suit against The New York Times.

Sarah Palin Failed To Prove Libel

CNN reported:

Judge Jed Rakoff, the judge overseeing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s defamation lawsuit against the New York Times, said Monday afternoon that he would dismiss the suit, ruling Palin’s team did not prove a key element of its case.

The judge in the closely-watched trial said Palin did not prove “actual malice,” which is the standard her legal team had to meet in her defamation case.

Sarah Palin’s libel lawsuit was a desperate gambit by a former Republican star who has become an afterthought in conservative circles. Trump didn’t want anything to do with her, and it is his Republican Party now, so Palin has been looking for a way back in to some sort of relevance for years.

Palin showed up on The Masked Singer, and that did nothing for her, so she thought she would try to ride the wave of right-wing anger at the media that also helped Trump with a libel lawsuit against The New York Times.

Sarah Palin is in the dustbin of history where she always belonged. One of the biggest mistakes that the late John McCain ever made was picking Palin as his running mate.

Republicans know how to do one thing in court, and that’s losing.

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