Trump Loses His Mind After Getting Dumped By His Accountants

Donald Trump released an incoherent rant in statement form after his accountants retracted ten years worth of documents and dumped him.

The Trump “statement” can be read below:

The statement is made up of a cover page, where Donald Trump provides some fake numbers to show that he is still rich, but the filing is from 2014.

The funny thing is that Trump is still claiming that the “Trump brand” is worth $2.8-$3 billion when objective data indicates that Trump’s brand is in the dumpster. Outside of the scam that he is being investigated for involving the Trump social media company that is likely to never happen, Trump has been hemorrhaging money for years, as his political career has killed his brand.

Trump Accused The Black Prosecutors Of Racism Against Him

Trump rambled about Democrats being out to get him, Hillary Clinton, and the other usual topics, and then he accused the prosecutors of racism:

Instead of this sham investigation of a great company that has done a spectacular job for New York and beyond, why isn’t law enforcement and the Fake News Media, which has been so destructive to our Country, looking into the fact that Hillary Clinton and her minions got caught SPYING into the office of the President of the United States, a crime so grave that it once called for the death penalty as punishment if caught. It doesn’t get any worse than that! After five years of constant bombardment, this political and racist attack must stop. Look to the murderers, drug dealers and rapists instead!

The prosecutors aren’t racist for pursuing an investigation into a man whose criminal activity looks obvious.

Trump also included a 2014 letter from Mazars already said should be retracted.

Donald Trump Has No Evidence To Clear His Name

It is telling that Trump has no documents or evidence from recent years that could clear his name. Trump’s accountants bailed on him likely because there is substantial evidence that he lied to them.

Donald Trump is running out of shields and places to hide.

Criminal charges remain the great unknown, but Trump and his kids will have the lid blown off of the fraudulent scam that they have been running for decades.

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