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Ted Cruz Faceplants And Loses Amendment To Strip Funding From Schools That Enforce COVID Vaccine Mandates

Before the vote, Sen. Ted Cruz claimed that his amendment stripping funding from schools that enforce COVID vaccine mandates would pass. It didn’t.

Before the vote, Cruz tweeted:

Here is what happened in the vote:

Apparently, Cruz’s fellow Republicans didn’t think it was important to stick around and support his amendment. Cruz actually got three fewer voters than Sen. Mike Lee’s amendment that also lost.

Even with Democrats missing a Senator due to illness and not having their full caucus, they were still able to defeat the bad ideas of Ted Cruz.

Sen. Cruz wants to be president. He is one of the few Republicans who has not promised to stand down if Donald Trump runs for the Republican nomination again in 2024.

A win like this would have been a nice little boost for his future presidential campaign. Cruz remains so unpopular that his fellow Republican senators would not stay in town a little longer on a Thursday to give him a win.

Chuck Schumer had his Democrats there, but just like in the 2016 election, Republicans didn’t show up for Ted Cruz.


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