Jim Acosta Lays Out Trump’s Humiliating History Of Putin Fawning

CNN’s Jim Acosta gave a rundown of Trump’s fawning over Putin and proclaimed the Republican Party to be the party of appeasement.


Acosta said on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer:

How do you say there is no bottom in Russian? That is where we are right now with Donald Trump. None of this should be surprising. If you look how Trump fawned over Putin, kowtowed to Putin over the past five years, this is perfectly in character. You’ll recall in 2016, when he invited the Russians to find Hillary Clinton’s emails, his own family met with the Russians at Trump Tower. The Helsinki moment when Trump said he trusted Putin more than the U.S. Intelligence community.

 At one point Donald Trump held up military hardware to Ukraine in an attempt to shakedown the Ukrainians for dirt on Joe Biden, that was how he got impeached the first time around. I asked a Trump advisor what Trump has been saying about Putin over the last couple days. This Trump adviser said it was sloppy the way Donald Trump went around doing this. He meant to say that Biden got outplayed by Vladimir Putin, but this adviser went on to say there’s no doubt about it. This is humiliating. It’s humiliating to see an ex-president praising Vladimir Putin in this fashion.

Acosta perfectly summed up the past five-plus years in just a few sentences. The Cold Warriors of Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party have become Donald Trump’s Putin fanboys.

The Republican Party that America used to know doesn’t exist. It has been replaced by a satellite outpost of the Vladimir Putin fan club.

In the midst of a crisis, Republicans are showing the nation exactly who they are.

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