Trucker convoy

The Trucker Convoy Trying To Blockade DC Is Stuck In Traffic

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:47 pm

The trucker convoy that is trying to block the Beltway ahead of Biden’s SOTU is complaining that traffic is slowing them down.

Ben Collins of NBC News is monitoring the truckers’ communications and he tweeted:

Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who has ever driven to or in Washington, D.C., has stories about the traffic. As we saw in Ottawa, the “trucker convoy” contains a whole lot of people who aren’t truckers but are Trumpers. The “trucker convoy” is a MAGA operation, and if there is one lesson that keeps proving itself about Trump’s MAGA movement, it is that these aren’t necessarily the best and the brightest.

It would be comedy gold if the big protest never got to D.C. because it was stuck in traffic caused in part by people whose sole intention for coming there was to block traffic.

The Pentagon has approved the use of the National Guard to deal with the trucker convoy. 

Washington, DC will not be the same as what happened in Ottawa. The U.S. government knows that the truckers/Trumpers/insurrectionists/Tucker Carlson viewers/unvaccinated masses are coming.

The big question is will they get there before President Biden delivers his State Of The Union?

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