Thousands Of Russians Defy Putin With Anti-War Protest

Putin tried to suppress reporting about his invasion of Ukraine, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of Russians from holding an anti-war protest.

Video from The Wall Street Journal’s Matthew Luxmoore in Moscow:

According to Luxmoore, thousands of Russians are protesting across the nation, and 850 people have been arrested:

The Russian People Are Risking Their Physical Safety To Defy Putin

Trump and many Republicans praise Putin, but the Russians who are bravely taking to the streets to voice their opposition to the invasion of Ukraine are risking their lives, physical safety, and their freedom to oppose Putin’s war.

Russia is not a free society. Putin has censored video in the country so that only state media clips of the invasion can be shown on Russian television. Putin has spent the last few years cracking down on independent media in the country and making it more difficult for Russians to know what their government is doing.

The Russians who are protesting are defying Putin to speak out against the war in Ukraine. Don’t believe Putin-loving Republicans or the Putin regime propaganda. Russia is not untied in support of the invasion of Ukraine, and the West can seize on this unrest at home with a devastating package of sanctions.

Russians protest Ukraine Invasion
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