Steve Schmidt Explains Trump’s Contribution Ukraine Invasion

Steve Schmidt explains that Trump laid the groundwork for Putin’s invasion by obliterating the truth.

Steve Schmidt tweeted:

Putin continues to reap the rewards from his operation to help Trump win the White House. The fact that America has not been unanimous in its support for Ukraine speaks volumes about how Trump and Putin eroded fundamental democratic values in the United States.

Steve Schmidt was correct. The timing of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was no accident. Putin is a dictator whose country is failing all around him. He needed to topple the burgeoning democracy next door with historical, cultural, and family ties to Russia.

Trump sowed the seeds for Putin with a relentless attack on truth in the United States.

The Trump GOP is scrambling to blame Biden for Putin’s actions, but the truth is that Putin was given the gift of years during which his actions carried no consequences from the United States.

Donald Trump destroyed truth in America, and Putin is using that destruction in his invasion of Ukraine.