Zelensky Tells EU Leaders, “This Might Be The Last Time You See Me Alive.”

Ukrainian President Zelensky is standing and fighting Putin, but he is aware of the grim reality that he may lose his life in the battle.

Zelensky told EU leaders in a video call:

President Zelensky knows that Putin’s goal is to topple the Ukrainian democracy and kill him.

The Russian invasion is not the first time Zelensky has displayed his courage. President Zelensky also refused to cave to Trump’s shakedown of him, as the now-former President Of The United States withheld military aid because he wanted Ukraine to make up dirt on Joe Biden that he could use during the 2020 election. 

Zelensky refused. Trump got impeached for the first time and lost his reelection bid.

President Zelensky knows the danger he is facing, yet he stays in his country and leads the fight. The Ukrainian president is showing bravery and courage in the face of watching the nation that he loves be attacked by an invading force in an act of sheer evil.

Zelensky is showing why the world must stand with Ukraine, and make Putin pay for his war.


Ukraine President Zelensky
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