Neutral Switzerland Poised To Join EU Sanctions Against Russia

Switzerland is poised to take the unprecedented step of joining the EU sanctions against Russia.

Reuters reported:

 Swiss President Ignazio Cassis said on Sunday that it was “very probable” that neutral Switzerland would follow the European Union (EU) on Monday in sanctioning Russia and freezing Russian assets in the Alpine country.


Asked whether Switzerland — a major financial centre and commodities trading hub — would follow the EU in freezing Russian assets, he said: “It is very probable that the government will decide to do so tomorrow, but I cannot anticipate decisions not yet taken.
The Swiss president said that the nation will maintain its neutrality, but it also can “call a spade a spade.”
The government is under pressure from its own people who are marching in support of Ukraine by the tens of thousands and are unhappy with the cautious official policy.
Putin is being sanctioned and isolated in unprecedented ways. When even Switzerland is willing to join sanctions, Putin has completely misjudged the situation.
The Russians have gotten themselves into a war, not just with Ukraine, but with Ukraine backed by most of the world.
Putin thought that he could away with invading Ukraine, but he may end up destroying his own country in his quest to restore the Soviet Union.
Switzerland to join EU sanctions against Russia
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