Ron DeSantis Refuses To Deploy FL National Guard To Protect Biden SOTU

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has refused to deploy the Florida National Guard to help protect President Biden’s SOTU address.

DeSantis tweeted:

Ron DeSantis is clearly rooting for the trucker convoy to cause violence and chaos at Biden’s State Of The Union. DeSantis’s refusal to send the state’s National Guard to protect the Capitol is borderline criminal.

The events of 1/6 are still fresh in the minds of all, but instead of doing his part to keep the Capitol safe, Ron DeSantis is trying to play 2024 Republican primary presidential politics.

DeSantis thinks that not sending the Guard gives him a political advantage in 2024, but all it does is make him look like he is siding with a potential domestic terror attack on the Capitol.

Ron DeSantis isn’t going to be the Republican nominee in 2024 unless Donald Trump is dead or incarcerated, but his refusal to send the Guard shows how warped Republican politics have become.

When some Republicans aren’t cheering for Putin, they are attempting to provide aid and comfort to potential domestic terrorists.

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