It Is All Going Wrong For Putin As Zelensky Signs Application For Ukraine EU Membership

Putin invaded Ukraine to keep Europe out. Instead, Zelensky has signed Ukraine’s application to join the EU.

Zelensky signs the application:

The EU membership process takes years, but why does it have to? There is no reason why the EU could not expedite Ukraine’s application. It can’t happen overnight or in a day, but there is no reason for the application to take years while Ukraine is trying to fight off a Russian invasion.

Putin Wanted To Keep Europe Out, And He Has Failed

Putin didn’t want a democracy next door to Russia. He also feared having a NATO member on his border and definitely does not want the EU at his doorstep.

It is too soon to know how the Russian invasion will end, but at this point, it has all gone wrong for Putin. The Russian economy is reeling toward collapse. The overpowering military offensive that Putin thought would storm through Ukraine has been met with deep resistance.

It has all gone wrong for Putin. If he weren’t a dictator in charge of the whole country, he would need to be looking over his shoulder for the mob coming to throw him out of office.

Putin wanted to keep Europe out of what he views as his sphere of influence, but the invasion has backfired and brought him everything he feared.

Zelensky signs Ukraine application for EU membership
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