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Zelensky Lays Out Russian War Crimes and Receives Standing Ovation From EU Parliament

The entirety of the European Union Parliament stood in unison, united behind Ukraine, applauding the resolute address that Ukrainian President Zelensky had just completed. Their support was unquestioned. Whether they are prepared to fight for Ukraine and prevent senseless death and war crimes is another matter.

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Video of Zelensky’s speech to the EU Parliament:

Zelensky updated the EU representatives on the latest Russian atrocities inflicted upon civilians. He accused Russia of engaging in “frank, undisguised terror.” How else would one describe a missile attack on a public square in Ukraine’s second-largest city that killed at least seven people, injured dozens, and damaged an administration building?

Zelensky stated the obvious; “They are using terror to try to break us.” So far, on day six of the Russian invasion, such attacks have only stiffened the resolve of the Ukrainian people. See below and imagine it happening in your city, Then imagine the bravery it takes to face this enemy head-on, outmanned and outgunned.

The sanctions imposed upon Russia are crippling the country already, but sanctions don’t prevent missile attacks like the one above, at least not in the short term. So the EU Parliament stood and applauded his bravery. No one wants a world war to break out from this invasion. But one wonders whether there will come a point where the Europeans and possibly Americans stand behind Zelensky to prevent further war crimes, rather than just stand and applaud bravery.

It is not an easy call. The sanctions seem to be working, but how long would it take to force Putin to withdraw and prevent more innocent death and destruction as seen above?

At this time, there are no good answers.


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