RT America Is Shutting Down As Putin Loses US Propaganda Arm

RT America is shutting down and laying off its employees after getting dumped from carriers.

NBC News reported:

RT has been basically taken off of the air by US platforms, as they will not give Putin an outpost to spread his propaganda. Putin has been using RT for years to spread Russian lies and disinformation, so its removal was long overdue. RT was not an independent network. It was funded by the Putin regime.

RT America is gone. It is another unexpected Russian casualty of Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. Putin spent decades building up his disinformation network, and it is all being demolished by the international pressure and response to his invasion.

If American media can so easily stop Russian propaganda from being broadcast in the United States, why do they refuse to take action against the pandemic propaganda and misinformation that continues to kill Americans each day?

It is great that RT America is gone, but it is also a reminder that corporate media is capable of doing much more.