James Clapper Labels Putin A 21st Century Hitler

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that in his view, Putin is a 21st Century Hitler.


CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Clapper, “The U.S. intelligence community is trying to get a, you know, some kind of clear sense of what Putin’s mindset is right now. But I suppose the only clear sense you can get is to look at what’s been happening on the ground in Ukraine. Just indiscriminate bombing, shelling of civilian populations. What looked like the atrocities that are carried out by war criminals. Do you think that Putin can be — I guess — gotten to when it comes to these oligarchs that are being punished around the world and so on? I mean, can anybody get to him right now and convince him to turn this off? To stop this? “

Clapper answered, “You’re right, Jim, that this is one of the big enigmas for U.S. Intelligence is the mindset of Vladimir Putin. Always a mystery to us. And all we really have to go on, at least for me, is his behavior and statements, demeanor, and what he is causing to happen. I think that really gives a real insight into his character and for me, he’s a 21st Century Hitler. “

The Hitler comparison is overused, but when a former Director of National Intelligence compares Putin to Hitler, people need to wake up and take it seriously.

No one is suggesting that Putin can only be stopped with another world war, but the disregard for all human life is Hitler-like, as is the desire to take over neighboring countries.

Putin isn’t going to stop with Ukraine. The world has a Putin problem and will have to stay united and pull out all of the stops to defeat him.