A Rattled Trump Fires Off Deranged Letter To Lester Holt Trashing Barr

Judging from the letter that Trump sent NBC’s Lester Holt, he is worried that his former AG Bill Barr will flip on him.

Here is the full letter:

Trump is so worried about what Barr told Holt that he wrote rebuttals to some of Barr’s answers during the NBC News interview:

Trump Lester Holt letter
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Trump confirms his view that he doesn’t believe in the independence of the DOJ from the Executive Branch. He thinks that he runs the Department of Justice and the Attorney General is a department head in his operation.

The failed former president used the only tactic he seemed to know in responding to Barr. Trump tried to smear his former attorney general personally.

Donald Trump admits that he wanted to deploy the National Guard to Democratically run cities, and his retelling of Barr’s resignation is a laughable fantasy.

Trump doesn’t want anyone to believe Barr, especially the 1/6 Committee, because the former attorney general appears to be telling the truth.

Outside of the Republican Party, Trump has no power.

He doesn’t have the weight of the presidency to weaponize, and he can’t bully NBC because he no longer has a show on the network.

Trump is scared, cornered, and potentially looking at a criminal referral to the Department of Justice.

The letter to Lester Holt was deranged, and the problem for Trump is that he has been reduced to writing letters in exile as the truth is emerging about his potential crimes.

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