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Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg

Prosecutors Resigned Because Manhattan DA Wasn’t Prepared To Indict Trump

The two top prosecutors who resigned from the Manhattan Trump investigation did so because the DA wasn’t prepared to indict the former president.

CNN reported:

The strength of the evidence against Trump has been debated by attorneys in the office for months, CNN has reported. Some prosecutors, including Dunne and Pomerantz, believed there was sufficient evidence to charge, while others, including some career prosecutors, were skeptical that they could win a conviction at trial, in part because of the difficulty in proving criminal intent.


Prosecutors also didn’t have a victim who lost money from Trump’s misstatements, people familiar said, a matter that might give a jury pause. Still some attorneys believed strongly that Trump should be held accountable and that the case was worth bringing even if they might lose, the people said.

The DA wasn’t prepared to indict the former president due to the issues raised above, so it looks like the case will fade away. Without help from Trump Organization insiders, the DA can’t prove criminal intent.

In Georgia, Trump’s Criminal Intent Has Already Been Proven

Unlike in Manhattan, the criminal investigation of Trump for violating Georgia’s election laws has proof of criminal intent. Trump is on a recorded phone call asking Georgia election officials to break the law and find votes for him.

Trump was clearly engaged in a criminal act. The former president wasn’t inflating his net worth or engaging in hyperbole. He was trying to overturn an election.

Of the current criminal investigations into Trump, Georgia is the most perilous for the former president and his associates.

The eyes of those seeking criminal justice Trump’s illegal acts should turn to Georgia because it doesn’t look like it will happen in Manhattan.

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