Russia Has Deployed All 190,000 Troops Into Ukraine And Still Has Not Won

According to a US Defense Department official, Russia has sent all of the amassed 190,000 troops into Ukraine and has taken over no population centers.

Meghann Myers of the Military Times tweeted:

Putin has deployed all of the troops he amassed at the border, and he still has not won. The lack of success is why Putin’s desperation has increased, and the bombing campaign has gotten even more ruthless.

Putin could keep throwing Russian troops into Ukraine and eventually overwhelm the country with military force, but the suspicion is growing that the Russians would not be able to control Ukraine and would be facing a guerilla war that could last for years.

The Russian dictator thought that he could easily take over Ukraine, but he was wrong, and no matter how the war eventually ends, the Ukrainians were able to hold off nearly 200,000 troops, which means that Vladimir Putin has already lost.


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