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Steve Scalise Falls Apart At Press Conference And Defends Trump Extorting Zelensky

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was asked about Trump’s extortion of Zelensky in 2019, and he defended Trump.


Scalise said:

You look at that conversation. President Zelensky had called President Trump to thank him for the leadership he provided. When Zelensky got elected, he said he modeled after President Trump’s, and ultimately, he got the relief money he wanted.


President Trump stood with President Zenesky. In fact, the two of them had a really good relationship. In fact, when President Zelensky was asking for things like the Javelin missiles that the Biden and Obama administration said no to, President Trump said yes, and actually helped Ukraine get those tank-busting missiles that they needed frankly have been using.

Steve Scalise Left Out The Part Where Trump Withheld Military Aid And Extorted Zelensky

The Trump/Zelensky relationship was so good that Trump tried to extort Zelensky by withholding military aid unless Ukraine participated in his scheme to smear Joe Biden.

Nothing that Steve Scalise said was accurate.

Trump and Zelensky did not have a good relationship. Zelensky refused to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. The same day that Zelensky refused to be shaken down, Trump withheld military aid.

Trump sent Mike Pompeo to Ukraine to keep them quiet during his first impeachment trial.

The blood of dead Ukrainians is on Trump’s hands.

Steve Scalise couldn’t tell the truth about Trump’s extortion, so he made up a story that no one outside of Fox News could believe.

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