Stephen Miller Is Using His Parents’ Phone Plan As An Excuse To Sue The 1/6 Committee

Stephen Miller is on his parents’ phone plan, and he is claiming lawyers are also using the phone plan, so the 1/6 Committee can’t have his phone records.

Bloomberg News reported:

Trump White House senior advisor Stephen Miller sued the House Jan. 6 committee to block a subpoena of his parents’ T-Mobile family plan, which provides him with a number.


Miller’s filing seeks a court order blocking House subpoenas for T-Mobile records. Miller also argues the records are protected by attorney-client privilege because other members of the Miller family who also used numbers in the plan were lawyers at the time. He also argues the phone records contain “sensitive, personal communications that Mr. Miller had with medical professionals and family regarding his wife and new-born daughter” in November 2020, according to the filing.

Miller is throwing everything at the wall and hoping a judge buys some of what he is selling. Miller is both trying to claim attorney-client privilege and HIPAA.

The lawsuit will fail just like all of the other members of the Trump inner circle who have tried the same arguments to prevent the 1/6 Committee from getting their phone records.

What is Stephen Miller trying to hide?

His lawsuit will lose, and the Committee will get his phone records.