Democrats May Keep The Senate As The Truth Comes Out About Herschel Walker

New reporting reveals that Herschel Walker has been lying about his business success and how many people he employs.

Via: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

But an Atlanta Journal-Constitution review of court records and other public documents contradicts statements Walker has made about the number of people his companies employ, their size and the assets they own. The review also revealed a string of defaults, settlements, and lawsuits alleging that Walker and his businesses owed millions of dollars in unpaid loans.

And while Walker attributes his wealth to his business acumen, much of it seems to be derived from his celebrity status as a football legend through speaking engagements and brand ambassadorships, according to campaign financial disclosures.

Just like his friend Donald Trump, Herschel Walker makes his money off of being famous, and his business career isn’t anything like what he is trying to sell the voters of Georgia.

Walker has allegations of domestic violence and threatening to kill domestic partners in his past. He is already a candidate with enough questions in his background to give voters serious pause.

Herschel Walker appears to be a candidate in the Trump mode. He is a celebrity who has no experience or qualifications for the seat that he is running for, but he is hoping that being famous will be enough to get him elected.

Control of the Senate may hinge on Georgia, and Herschel Walker gives Democrats a good chance to stay in the majority.