Trump May Hand Georgia To Democrats With His War On The GOP

Trump is running a full-blown proxy war against Gov. Brian Kemp and other Georgia Republicans that could hand the state to Democrats.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

Trump has essentially declared a proxy war on Kemp and his top allies after the governor refused to overturn his 2020 election defeat, something Kemp has no authority to do. King, who is Georgia’s first Hispanic statewide constitutional officer, becomes collateral damage.


Trump’s endorsement of Witt is the sixth he’s doled out to Georgia candidates, an indication of his obsession with ousting state GOP officials he claims were insufficiently loyal to his cause. Trump is set to feature the pro-Trump slate at a rally on March 26 in Commerce.

Trump Doesn’t Care That He Might Be Destroying The Republican Party

Trump’s activities in Georgia reinforce the belief that Donald Trump doesn’t care about the fate of the Republican Party. The failed former president wants revenge, and the Republican Party winning means nothing to him.

Trump could end up destroying the Georgia Republican Party and handing the state to Stacey Abrams and the Democrats in November. One gets the sense that this outcome would be fine with him as long as it “punished” the people who he views as disloyal for not overturning the 2020 election.

The Georgia Republican Party is a mess heading into the midterms.

Herschel Walker is a disaster of a candidate in the Senate race, and Trump’s warfare has turned the Republican gubernatorial primary into a bloodbath.

Trump is wrecking the Georgia Republican Party, and the real winners may be Democrats in November.

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