Chaos On Fox As Lindsey Graham Trashes Maria Bartiromo’s Putin Propaganda

It was chaos on Fox News as Maria Bartiromo, and Stephen Miller pushed Putin propaganda, and Sen. Lindsey Graham came on the same show and trashed it.

Lindsey Graham Causes Chaos At Fox News

Video of Stephen Miller on Sunday Morning Futures:

Miller claimed that Ukraine should give Putin what he wants and pledge to be neutral and not join NATO. Earlier in the same show, Bartiromo claimed that many Americans view Putin as a partner, not an enemy.

Lindsey Graham was on the very next segment of Bartiromo’s show and trashed the Russian propaganda:

Graham said, “I think I smell a sell-out coming when it comes to Ukraine. Your last guest mentioned neutrality. Putin does not want a neutral Ukraine, he wants to eradicate Ukraine. If you don’t believe me, listen to him. He gave a speech last year what are region surrounding Russia to re-create the former soviet union. I will be dead set against any bill that requires the Ukrainian people to recognize half of the Ukraine belongs to Russia by force of arms. If there is any chemical weapons used by Putin, that would be a war crime and I would be supportive of a no-fly zone as a response to that.”

Graham then went on to criticize Biden because, in his mind, nothing outside of whacking Putin will be doing enough.

Fox News is in a state of messaging whiplash and chaos when it comes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Trump propagandists like Miller, Bartiromo, Carlson, and Hannity are firmly behind Putin.

Meanwhile, most Republicans in Congress are supporting Ukraine like Lindsey Graham.

Fox News is torn between the Putin GOP led by Donald Trump and the traditional Cold War-era Republican foreign policy.

The political war within the Republican Party is playing out live on Fox.