Trump And Tucker Carlson Propaganda Backfires As More Americans View Russia As An Enemy

Polling reveals that the number of Americans who view Russia as an enemy has risen to 80% even as Trump and Tucker Carlson spread Putin propaganda.

Russia Is Now Viewed As One Of America’s Biggest Enemies

According to a YouGov weekly tracking poll,  in March of 2022, 80.1% of Americans view Russia as an enemy. The number has risen, but not as much as one might expect. In November 2021, 74.6% of Americans viewed Russia as an enemy.

The number of Americans who view Russia as an ally has dropped from 17.6% in February 2017 to 8.4% in March of 2022.

The Trump/Fox News Propaganda Is Not Working

Putin has ordered that Tucker Carlson be featured on Russian state-run media as often as possible. Donald Trump is singing the praises of and making excuses for Putin to his loyal fans, but the audience that they are speaking to appears to be increasingly unconvinced that Putin is a “genius” or a friend.

Tucker Carlson’s words can’t offset the power of pictures of Ukrainians who are dying at the hands of Putin’s military. Video of the destruction and suffering in Ukraine can’t be explained away by a Tucker Carlson commentary, Sean Hannity segment, or Trump rally.

The audience for the Putin propaganda is shrinking in the United States, and one could argue that Putin’s propagandists have exposed themselves and are undermining their own futures.

Putin thought that he could exploit the divide that he created to paralyze the US response to his invasion of Ukraine, but Americans are believing their eyes, not their ears, and understand that no matter what Trump and Carlson say, Russia is an enemy of the United States of America.