Tucker Carlson Named An Apologist For Putin On The Senate Floor

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) called Fox News’s Tucker Carlson an apologist for Putin while speaking on the Senate floor.


Durbin said, “When I hear apologists for Putin in America, I wonder who they are and what they’re made of. Tucker Carlson is one that even the Russians are recommending that their friends in the media listen to, making excuses on Fox for Vladimir Putin. There are no excuses, none acceptable on the subject. Mr. Carlson should be ashamed of himself.”

The good news is that Tucker Carlson’s Putin propaganda appears not to be working. More than 80% of Americans now view Russia as an enemy. Carlson has been rejected by Republican Senators who roll their eyes at his viewers calling their offices and asking them to support Putin.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has served as an illuminating event in American politics and media. The American can see which people in media are Putin apologists and which of their elected officials support Putin’s war on democracy.

There is nothing American or patriotic about what Tucker Carlson is doing, and now he is being called out on the floor of the United States Senate as an apologist for an enemy of America.

Putin’s war of choice led to many consequences that he never saw coming, including the exposing of his disinformation allies in the United States.