Mitch McConnell Was The Problem As Senate Democrats Pass Wave Of Bipartisan Bills

Under Chuck Schumer’s leadership, America is seeing that Mitch McConnell was the problem, not the Senate.

Politico reported on the wave of bipartisan legislation that has passed the Senate:

Senators passed an anti-lynching law after literally 200 failed attempts, gave sexual misconduct claims firmer legal footing, and approved sweeping postal reform. That’s on top of $14 billion for Ukraine and a long-awaited reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act as part of a massive spending bill, not to mention last year’s huge bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is hoping to add a couple more bipartisan wins soon on expanding semiconductor manufacturing as part of a China competitiveness measure as well as limiting the cost of insulin to $35.

Senate Democrats are passing more bills with 50 votes than Mitch McConnell did with a 53 vote majority.

The reason why is because Democrats want to pass legislation.

Once Schumer realized that he wasn’t going to be able to ram Biden’s agenda through due to Manchin and Sinema, he changed his approach and started working on bringing lots of bills to the floor.

For example, the anti-lynching and postal reform bills that the Senate recently passed have been decades in the making.

Majority Leader Schumer, unlike McConnell, is using the Senate to find areas of agreement and consensus.

Mitch McConnell turned the Senate into a roadblock for all progress. McConnell’s goal has never been legislative accomplishments, but to acquire and hold on to power.

It wasn’t the Senate that was broken. It was Mitch McConnell’s cynical placement of personal power over the public good that made the Senate dysfunctional.

If the American people like having a Senate that works, they must make sure that Mitch McConnell is never again the Senate Majority Leader.