D.C. Trucker Convoy Defeated By Rain And Bad Traffic

The D.C. trucker convoy again tried to come to Washington but was thwarted by a combination of rain and traffic.

Zachary Petrizzo, the media reporter for The Daily Beast, tweeted:

So far, the highlight of the D.C. trucker convoy has been one of the truckers yelling Ted Cruz sucks at the Texas Senator as he appeared at a press conference with them.

Otherwise, the truckers threatened to come into D.C. and then changed their minds. 

It might be surprising to some that the “convoy” is still around.

These supposedly expert drivers can’t seem to navigate rain or find their way around the Washington, D.C. metro area. Instead of being a midterm representation of voter outrage, the convoy is more a representation of Qanon and Trump supporters who can’t let 2020 go.

The convoy has become a running joke, and it is hard to believe that something so heavily touted by conservative media could be such a colossal failure.


Truckers defeated by rain
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